Founded in 2017, Metallurgy NDT, LLC is a Conventional and Advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) company headquartered in Katy, Texas that works in a variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Fabrication Shops and Shipyards.

Our vast expertise and knowledge in NDT engineering and materials testing allows us to ensure the quality of welded products, equipment and plant assets both under construction and in service. Our NDT Service Solutions can detect defects in the base metal and welds that may jeopardize and affect the mechanical integrity of equipment during service, which ensures early detection of damage to vessels, pipelines, tanks, barges, boats and welded structures. 

To ensure the quality of welds, the fit for service and the reliability of critical components MetallurgyNDT LLC supports its customers by providing advanced UT solutions for the inspection of:

  • Simple and complex geometry of CRA welds, as well as carbon steel welds and other materials
  • Girth welds
  • Longitudinal welds
  • Spiral welds
  • Straight and skewed (TKY) fillet welds with flat and curved members
  • Corner welds with flat and curved members
  • Nozzles welds
  • Lap joints
  • Open corner and edge joints
  • Elbow welds
  • Annular rings on above ground storage tanks
  • Tubes, shells, vessels base material (including corrosion mapping and structure analysis)
  • Pipe supports
  • Flange face corrosion (FFC)
  • Bolts
  • Railway axles and wheels
  • Rotor shafts
  • Turbines blades
  • Bearings
  • Bridge hanger pins
  • And more! 

Our NDE Engineers

NDE Engineer on site

Our NDE Engineers and Project Managers are among the most senior NDT staff within our organization and are responsible for the oversight of all NDT operations, including the preparation of work plans and NDT procedures for other staff to work in accordance with. Our team uses their acquired knowledge and skills to ensure that NDT systems operate safely, efficiently and in an environmentally-sustainable way, meeting the requirements set out by our clients as well as rigorous industry standards. 

Our NDT Engineers maintain and manage applications of current and developing technology and undertake engineering design and development within manufacturing, construction and operations. They have the theoretical knowledge to solve problems in developed technologies using well-proven analytical techniques and successfully apply their knowledge to deliver engineering projects or services using established technologies and methods. Our NDT Engineers take responsibility for leading and developing other professional staff.  Their knowledge and skills include cutting-edge NDT techniques, such as corrosion analysis and advanced inspection techniques.

NDT Engineers and professionals at Metallurgy NDT, LLC communicate effectively and appropriately using a full range of skills: technical speaking to a scientific or engineering audience, active listening, professional writing and technical presentation. All of our technicians demonstrate reliability, integrity and respect for confidentiality on work and personal matters in accordance with professional codes of conduct and ethical principles.

NDE professional on site

Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In 2021 Metallurgy NDT, LLC became ISO-9001 certified for the most recent version, ISO 9001:2015. After a thorough audit our Management System was found to be in accordance with ISO management system standards for onsite delivery of visual inspection, liquid penetrant examination, magnetic particle examination and ultrasonic inspection services.